Introduction Company

KIMIA BASPAR GOLPA CO.(KBG)was established in 2010.KBG is leading producer of Engineering Plastic Resin in IRAN. KBG Products are PP,PC,ABS,PA compound. The full spectrum of KBG Resins for optimum performance in specific application area includes grades with superior processing ,grades reinforced glass fiber ,grades filled minerals and grades with special modifier for impact resistance or flame retardant. Our technical team of experienced engineers utilize standard laboratory with all of necessary equipment's for quality control testing and new product development .KBG operating regulation, relationship with inspections and relation with customers conforms to the ISO 9001:2008 standards and supported with total quality Management (TQM).


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  • Address: No. 136, Kargar Street, Sanat Blvd, Industrial Park, City Golpayegan, Isfahan
  • Tel: 03157248315 , 03157248314
  • Mobile: 09132713690 , 09133720895
  • Email: