K.B.G manufactures compound and masterbatch


KBG Products are PP,PC,ABS,PA compound. The full spectrum of KBG Resins for optimum performance in specific application area includes grades with superior processing ,grades reinforced glass fiber ,grades filled minerals and grades with special modifier for impact resistance or flame retardant.


Automotive:Bumper Cover,Instrument panel,Glove Box,Air Cleaner,Door Trim,Garnish,Junction Box,Air bag cover
Electrical/Elctronic :Air conditioner Housing,Fan, Socket,Washin machine parts
Industrial Parts:Propeller Fan,Container,Pump Casing ,Furniture industry
Bagging indusrial ,green house ,piping and fitting&etc
Laboratory Quality Control

Laboratory Quality Control

The company's quality control laboratory equipped with testing devices with plastic.
Production Facilities

Production Facilities

The company has 4 twin-coil production line with automated equipment.


The standard design of the test, laboratory services, reverse engineering to detect the production of ...


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  • Address: No. 136, Kargar Street, Sanat Blvd, Industrial Park, City Golpayegan, Isfahan
  • Tel: 03157248315 , 03157248314
  • Mobile: 09132713690 , 09133720895
  • Email: info@kbgco.ir